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Foundation Repair in Akron, Oh

Foundation Repair in Akron, Oh

Cracked Foundation

If you have noticed cracks in your basement floor or walls, or along the soil line on the outside of your home, don’t ignore them! Call Garrett Basement Waterproofing for an inspection.

Hairline cracks may be an indication that moisture is entering your foundation. Those cracks can widen over time, allowing more moisture in and potentially damaging your foundation. Quick fixes using epoxy or other fillers hide the cracks, but they don’t treat the cause and that can lead to extensive—and expensive—repairs down the road.

Our experts will inspect your foundation inside and out to determine the cause of the crack, the extent of the damage and the material that comprises your foundation. Armed with a precise diagnosis, our professionals will be able to properly repair the crack and determine if further intervention is needed.

What to look for

Don’t neglect your foundation. If you are noticing changes in your basement walls or floor, small cracks or shifting at corners or where the floor and wall meet, take some time to do your own inspection. There are several things you can look for and record.

  • Note the date you first saw a crack and record whether it grows or changes.

  • Note whether cracks are horizontal or vertical, or whether they cross a corner or are in a stair step pattern.

  • Note times you noticed moisture in your basement and what weather conditions were like.

  • Try to identify the material used in your basement walls and floor and whether it is uniform throughout your home.

Repairing your foundation

Early diagnosis is key, and our professionals will make your repair as quick and easy as possible. Small cracks are not necessarily cause for alarm, but accurate diagnosis of the cause and proper repair of these small cracks is crucial if you hope to avoid more extensive repairs or rebuilding.

If cracks are extensive and damage has occurred, our experts will consider:

  • Bracing – We use wall anchors, steel support beams, to reinforce your wall when cracks or bowing have occurred. The steel beam is anchored at the top to the support joist and at the bottom to the footer. This is the least invasive way to stabilize the wall if the bowing is minimal and the damage minor enough to avoid rebuilding any portion of it.

  • Rebuilding – We will replace a damaged foundation or section of wall when we have no other option. We rebuild only what is necessary to maintain the structural integrity of your home, including considering a combination of rebuilding and bracing where possible.

  • Replacing footer – Excavation of a portion of the footer may be necessary if damage has occurred from water pressure or years of freezing and thawing.

  • Waterproofing – We always waterproof your entire new structure to protect it from future damage.

At Garrett Basement Waterproofing, you always receive timely answers, free estimates, and a fully trained staff using the best methods and technology on the market. You also get our Written Guarantee for Life of Home.

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