Cracked Foundation

Our experts will inspect your foundation inside and out to determine the cause of the crack, the extent of the damage and the material that comprises your foundation. Armed with a precise diagnosis, our professionals will be able to properly repair the crack and determine if further intervention is needed.


Whatever is causing your damp basement, at Garrett we identify the moisture problem and solve it so your basement is dry and safe for your family. The professionals at Garrett Basement Waterproofing can determine if applying a waterproof barrier will alleviate puddles, or if additional drainage is needed to reroute runoff during storms. If water seems to find its way into your basement even when it is not storming, you may need a sump pump.

Downspout Drainage

At Garrett, we are experts at repairing and replacing downspout drainage systems so water is carried away from your home. Our process takes into account your current drainage system, grading of your yard and where the runoff will be discharged.

Basement Efflorescence

At Garrett Basement Waterproofing, we identify the efflorescence on your basement walls, then choose the best method to remove it so your walls and foundation are not further damaged. Sandblasting or chemical cleaning are both effective in removing efflorescence when used properly. We locate and correct the moisture source in your basement walls that is allowing the production of efflorescence.

Foundation Repair

While small cracks in your foundation are not necessarily cause for alarm, at Garrett Basement Waterproofing we will be happy to check yours to be sure your foundation is sound. Settling and concrete shrinkage will typically cause hairline cracks, but when there are more serious issues or when you are noticing dampness in your basement, early diagnosis is key.

French Drains

French drains installed several feet deep along your foundation can move a significant amount of water away from footers and basement walls, protecting them from seepage, freezing and thawing, and the pressure that wet soil can put on walls over time. At Garrett Basement Waterproofing, we inspect your drainage systems and moisture issues before determining whether french drains are the best option to solve your water or drainage problem.

Basement Mold & Mildew

A sure sign you have a basement moisture problem is the presence of mold and mildew. These related fungi will grow anywhere there is air, warmth and moisture. Since your basement will necessarily have air and warmth, it’s important to keep the moisture out. The experts at Garrett’s Basement Waterproofing go beyond treating the symptoms. We inspect your basement for mold and mildew producing moisture and eliminate the cause of these dangerous fungi.

Sump Pump Installation

Homeowners who have experienced a flooded basement will tell you that even an inch or two of water can cost thousands. Irreplaceable possessions are lost, and the residual moisture can cause growth of mold and mildew, which is a whole other problem. Protecting your home and belongings in case of flooding is simple when you call Garrett Basement Waterproofing for your sump pump installation in Akron, OH.

Foundation & Basement Trenching

Our professionals are fully trained to excavate a 7- to 8-foot trench around your foundation as needed. From there we can provide a full drainage system, including french drains, as well as waterproof sealant. Our team acquires all required permits and is skilled in using safe bracing and digging techniques.

Basement Wall Repair & Replacement

If your basement walls are showing signs of stress or, worse, beginning to fail, you have options when you come to Garrett Basement Waterproofing. Our goal is to stabilize your wall if possible, or rebuild only where necessary. We then identify the cause of the damage to the wall and correct it, so your wall will remain stable.

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing services from Garrett Basement Waterproofing

If a downpour sends you running to your basement to check for standing water, you need to call Garrett for top quality basement waterproofing. Those heavy rainstorms and melting ice in the spring combine with poor drainage around your house and allow water to saturate the soil around your foundation, putting pressure on the walls and leading to leakage and cracking. The longer you put off addressing the situation, the more damage to your basement walls and floor as seasonal changes cause those cracks to grow.

To avoid extensive repairs, it is crucial to catch the dampness and leaking early. Signs that your basement could be leaking include a musty smell or mildew on the walls, flaking paint, dampness or water seeping from the walls, and warped paneling. We recommend contacting an expert immediately if you notice any of these signs.

At Garrett, we work hard to alleviate the worry that comes with dealing with a wet basement. We diagnose your problem and offer a variety of services so we can customize an affordable solution for you. Our experts will provide drainage options to dry out your basement, and recheck your problem so you can be sure your basement stays dry. If your foundation must be repaired, you can count on our highly trained experts to provide top quality service.

Call Garrett Basement Waterproofing in Akron, Canton and the surrounding area for your free estimate and details about our Written Guarantee for Life of Home. For questions about any of our waterproofing services, complete our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.